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2013 Indiana Bow Hunt

At the end of my open water guiding season I left for Indiana in a cloud of dust on my annual pilgrimage to the Big Tine Ranch in Indiana to hunt big bucks and spend time with close friends.  Mike and Kathy Bassett have been gracious enough to give me access their property over the years, and…

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  Even though they can become very spread out at this time, there are still fish to be caught near easily accessible shallower structures, and you don’t need to incorporate complicated techniques and technology to catch them. The 2013 fishing season definitely got off to a strange start with many of the Lakes in northern…

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2013 Spring Wrap Up

As we approach July 4th, I wanted to reflect on the truly incredible fishing we’ve had this spring.  It’s been nothing short of outstanding!  After a brutal winter that had me seriously contemplating a move south, (just kidding…sort of…) we’ve been rewarded with awesome weather and hungry fish.  Needless to say, it’s been well worth…

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Nate’s Grilled Northern Pike

Tired of fried fish?  My good friend Nate Berg from Babe Winkelman Productions shared this simple but outstanding recipe for grilled northern pike with me that has been a huge hit in my house.  This is a great way to make good use of those pike in the mid 20″ range that we periodically run…

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Muskies In The Corn Belt

This was no longer the post spawn situation we had prepared for.  The game had now changed, and we needed to re-think our approach. Musky fishing is about the journey, not the destination.  At least that’s the philosophy any die hard musky angler needs to have in order to pursue these evasive predators that show…

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Hayward Wisconsin Fishing Report 5-12-13

Well, Old Man Winter paid us another visit yesterday.  Why won’t he just go home?!  Cold, overcast, windy, and snowy conditions sent us back to the Big Chip.  Tournament fishermen say you should never leave fish to find fish.  That was our approach.  We were able to get out of the wind for the most…

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Hayward Wisconsin Fishing Report 5-10-13

Finally!!!  After a hard winter, my old friend Terry Peterson and I were able to make it out on the Chippewa Flowage today.  Unlike most other large lakes in the area, it was open for business.  We checked several of our usual favorites today, and most are still covered with ice.  This is nuts!  It…

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St. Louis River Wisconsin Fishing Report 5-10-13

I may not make it on the river for awhile due to my schedule, but it is definitely ready for action.  From what I could see on Thursday, everything was free and clear.  I took this photo from the Loon’s Foot Landing on Thursday evening after I purchased my launch permit from Nemadji Travel Plaza.…

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Chequamegon Bay Wisconsin Fishing Report 5-10-13

  I have not been on the bay yet, but my sources tell me that the ice is ready to leave at any time.  As of Thursday night, there was still quit a bit of ice pushed up against the head of the bay and along the Ashland shoreline.  Most folks seem to think that…

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A Day With Don

Despite having every reason to give up and cash in his chips, he has chosen to find meaning and purpose.  What would be considered a burden too large for most to bear has become a cause for the celebration of life, family, and friends.  Expressions like “it’s a small world” can be overused.  When Steve…

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