Lake Superior Fishing Guides

Many years of conservation efforts and habitat restoration have brought the St. Louis River and Superior Harbor back to prominence as a world class walleye and musky fishery.

shawnLake Superior walleyes migrate up this tributary to spawn every spring and meander their way through the harbor and back out to the “Big Lake” when they have completed the annual event.  This migration can last through mid summer and gives anglers outstanding opportunities at numbers of quality fish along with a very real chance for a trophy.  Fish in the 10 lb. class are not uncommon.

An aggressive reintroduction effort has also resulted in a booming musky fishery.  Wisconsin barred, Leech Lake strain, and tiger muskies can all be caught in this system throughout the open water season, and they've become the absolute giants that musky nuts dream of.  Many 50” class fish are caught every year with equally impressive weights.  Fishing at the doorstep of “Gitchee Gumee” while surrounded by the prominent communities of Superior and Duluth, MN provides a truly unique Great Lakes fishing experience for all anglers.

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