Fish We Catch

Whether it’s smallmouth bass, muskies, walleyes, or crappies, every fish caught is something to be appreciated.

Whether it's smallmouth bass, muskies, walleyes, or crappies, every fish caught is something to be appreciated.  They all have qualities that make them a joy to pursue.  Since we do not specialize in guiding for any one particular species, you'll have the opportunity to chase a variety of fish in many different environments as well as learn techniques that translate to numerous fishing situations. From panfish to muskies, We attempt to stay on the “hot bite” throughout the season, and it’s our pleasure to go after the fish of your choice without interference from our agenda.  We'll always provide you with current information, and you'll receive our very best effort regardless of which fish you choose and when you choose to fish.  You deserve it, and it’s an honor to have your business!