Fish On with Jeff Evans

Fish On with Jeff Evans TV Show

“Fish On” will chronicle the life of a northern Wisconsin fishing guide as he travels the mid-west and beyond with clients, friends and family, in search of the many freshwater game fish of North America. Stunning underwater videography and breathtaking scenery will captivate you as you follow Jeff Evans and his Ironman approach to find success on the water. Jeff’s innate ability to put fish in the boat is a feat equaled by few and slowed only by the wrath of Mother Nature. “Fish On” will look to separate itself from the lip ripping mentality, and take a more intimate look into the life of a fishing guide. From the intricate approach taken to decide which bodies of water will best serve his clients, to balancing the demanding nature of the job in order to find time in the boat with family and friends. A day on the water with Jeff will provide an entertaining look at the sport of fishing and feature highly relatable strategies that can help anyone become a more successful angler.

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