Chequamegon Bay & Hayward, WI Fishing Report 5-3-19

It’s been awhile since my last report…  Honestly, I was tired of talking about snow and ice.  We sure had plenty of it.  As the last patches of snow are disappearing from my yard, I’m happy to say that all of our lakes are ice free and will be ready for the Wisconsin fishing opener on Saturday.  In fact, there’s some good opportunities happening right now on Lake Superior.  I’ve spent the past few weeks scrambling to prepare for the upcoming season.  There’s never enough time in the day, but the new Lund is rigged, tackle organized, rods and reels spooled up, and fire wood is cut for next winter.  It’s GO TIME!

Sara Brown

There’s been a bunch of good stuff going in the Chequamegon Bay area of Lake Superior.  The trout and salmon bite has been exceptional with many reports coming in of coho limits along with bonus brown trout being caught.  As always with trout and salmon, water temperature is key.  You’ll want to find the warmest water available at this time of year, and the recent trend has been in the mid 40’s.  Water clarity and wind can be major factors in this, and you’ll want to dial into the right combination.  The ideal situation is a shoreline where the wind has blown warmer water with a light stain to it.  If the water is too clear, it’s usually too cold.  If it’s too dirty, fish won’t be there.  If possible, find the edge of the stained water and troll a spread of shallow running crankbaits along it like the T-Boned Psycho Minnow.   You don’t have to fish deep right now with fish holding in anywhere from 5′ – 25′ of water.  Pay attention to the details, and cover water until you find fish.  When you do, it won’t take long to get into some crazy action.  It doesn’t end with trout and salmon.  The smelt run is on in Ashland with big hauls being made.  By all accounts, it’s been a really strong run so far.  Don’t forget big sturgeon… Some HUGE fish are starting to show up for one of the coolest bites of the season, and smallmouth bass should begin migrating towards shallow water for the pre spawn bite.  Definitely a good time to be on The Big Lake!  If you’re in the Ashland area, stop in to see my friends at The River Rock Inn & Bait Shop.  They’ve got all the supplies you need and plenty of tips to get you pointed in the right direction.

Lacey Kastern








Wisconsin Simms Fishing Gear

As a kid, I couldn’t sleep the night before the Wisconsin Fishing opener.  It was probably my most anticipated day of the year, and presented a whole new beginning of limitless possibilities.  Well it’s not much different for me all of these years later.  Opening day for the inland lakes in northern Wisconsin is on Saturday, May 4th, and any body of water you want to fish is open and ready for business.  A little different than our situation last year.  The ice went out on most lakes over a week ago, and I’m sure most species will be migrating toward the shallowest, warmest water they can find.  Walleyes should be in a spawn / post-spawn pattern, pike in shallow bays, and bass trending toward the warm shorelines on north side of lakes and bays.  Don’t forget about those crappies that should begin staging near shallow bays and spawning areas.  The possibilities could be endless no mater what you’re after.  Musky season doesn’t open up until May 25th, so big fish hunters will want to focus pike to get their fix until then.  If you’re in the Hayward area over the weekend, make sure to stop in at Angler’s Haven for some pizza and a beverage.  They open at noon on May 3rd.  Jordan, Kelsey, and the crew will be eager to hear all of your fish stories!

Tharyn Tande & Adler Phillips

Congratulations to Tharyn Tande from Mondovi, WI on harvesting this big tom turkey during the spring season a few days ago.  He and his buddy Adler Phillips make one heck of a team.  Now it’s time to catch some fish boys!  As I begin another fishing season, I’m excited for what’s to come.  There’s no feeling like being on the water.  Who knows what the next 6 months will bring, but I’m ready for the adventure.  Be safe out there everyone, and stay tuned.  We’ll keep you posted!





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