Hayward, Wisconsin & Chequamegon Bay Fishing Report 6-28-16


Coleman, Richard, & Cindy Franchek

The wind really needs to make up its mind…  Seems like we’ve either had water ski days or kite flying weather over the past several weeks, and the trend continued over this past weekend.  Long time customers and good friends Cindy and Richard Franchek from Dallas, TX returned on Friday and brought along their son Coleman.  I always look forward to fishing with these guys, and we had beautiful weather with high skies and warm temps but little to no wind.  Our mission was walleyes in the Hayward area, and lake #1 was a bust with only one small eyeball landed along with a few bass and gills.  Time to move!  Lake #2 was better, but we earned every fish we caught on a very tough bite.  The Franchek gang landed walleyes up to 17″ along with a few pike on slip bobbers and leeches as well as jigs and minnows while we fished weed beds in 5′ – 8′ of water.  Most of the walleyes came off the deep weed edge and we missed quite a few short hits throughout the afternoon.  Water temps held at 72 degrees throughout the day.  This crew is always a great time, and we had lots of laughs as always.  Coleman ended the day in the right way on a fish, and the Francheck’s went home on a positive note.  Coleman will be attending the Citadel this fall, and it’s been a privilege to watch him grow up over the years.  We’re proud of you Coleman (otherwise known as Colton), and best wishes on your new chapter!



Charlie O’Leary, Ella Dunlavy, Joe O’Leary, & Jack O’Leary

All of my nieces and nephews were in town, and I had the opportunity to get some of them on the water Friday evening.  My brother in law Joe O’Leary from Evanston, IL teamed up with me to make it happen.  Shift # 1 included Charlie O’Leary (7 yrs. old) and Jack O’Leary (9 yrs old) along with Ella Dunlavy (5 yrs old).  Charlie landed his first ever walleye on a leech along a weed edge in 8′ of water as Jack and Ella were a great supporting cast.  Shift #2 had Eamon O’Leary (5 yrs. old) and Jimmy Dunlavy (6 yrs. old) in the boat, and we got into a hot bite as both boys landed walleyes including Jimmy’s 17″ fish on leech in 8′ of water on slip bobbers along weed edges.  So awesome to have these kiddos in the boat, and I only wish we had more time…  Job well done everyone.  You made me proud, and I can’t wait to see you again.  I think it’s safe to say the Evans family will be fishing well into the future.  Thanks for the help Joe.  You’re a great first mate.  Good stuff…


Jimmy Dunlavy, Joe O’Leary, & Eamon O’Leary


Dan Martin, Jim Martin, & Joe Benner

My old buddy Dan Martin (Maple Grove, MN) and his father Jim (Ham Lake, MN) returned on Saturday and brought along Jim’s son in law Joe Benner (East Bethel, MN).  Big winds kicked up in the Hayward area again, and we fished shallow weeds in 5′ – 8′ of water for walleyes in the morning.  It was a bit of a struggle to work jigs with minnows, but we were able to boat a few fish up to 18″.  We missed quite a few as well with a lot of short hits, and you had to be perfect on the hook set to connect.  In the afternoon, we fished a 15′ rock hump that was out of the wind and covered up in fish.  Turns out they were hungry as well, and the boys pounded them as we netted a pile of nice eyes up to 19″ on minnows with jigs and slip bobbers.  Water temps hit 74 degrees by quitting time on a hot and humid day.  It was a busy afternoon that went by fast, and the bite seemed to get better as the afternoon progressed.  Joe was a super addition to the Martin crew, and it was great catching up with my old friends.  I’ll try to take more pictures for you next time Jim.  I know you love picture time!!!  Thanks fellas!



Jill, Marcus, & Jack Germain

Marcus and Jill Germain along with their 5 yr. old son Jack from Cottage Grove, WI joined me on Monday morning after severe storms had left behind lots of damage in the Hayward area the day before.  We saw plenty of twisted up docks and fallen trees on our way to the lake, and the walleye bite was a bit goofy to start the day with gusty NW winds and cool temps.  It felt more like October than the end of June…  We started fishing shallow weeds in 5′ – 8′ of water and were able to put one 17″ walleye and a 19″ smallmouth in the net.  We missed a few as well and decided to look a little deeper.  It was the right move, and we got into a bunch of nice eyes up to 20″ over mid lake rocks in 15′ – 18′ of water on minnows with jigs and slip bobbers.  Jack is a natural, and I have a feeling plenty of fish are going to get to know him in the future.  He ranks right up there with some of the best I’ve had in the boat, and I sure hope this won’t be the last time we fish together.  Great job buddy!  We switched out in the afternoon, and Marcus’s father in law Doug Berends from Medford, WI joined us.  We decided to target smallmouth and moved to another lake.  Plastics on jigs dragged over rocks in 7′ – 8′ of water put a bunch of nice fish up to 18″ in the net for us throughout berends1the afternoon.  I tried several different suspending and top water presentations as well, but it was definitely a “down” bite.  We’ve transitioned beyond post spawn mode, and mid summer patterns are setting up with fish holding off the first break along shorelines and mid lake structure as well.  Water temps held at 72 degrees throughout the day.  Good folks and good fishing.  Doesn’t get much better than that!


Marcus Germain & Doug Berends












Drake & Grace Deming

We were back on Chequamegon Bay Tuesday with Drake and Grace Deming from Bowie, MD.  After a few weeks of crazy weather, we finally had a really nice day to chase smallies on the big lake.  High skies and light winds were perfect, and we had a really good morning putting several nice fish up to 20 1/2″ in the net on an equal mix of spinnerbaits, plastics, and live bait, in 4′ – 10′ of water.  A few bonus pike up to 32″ decided to cooperate as well.  Locating weed growth seemed to be the key, and I noticed a lot of weed beds that are usually up at this time of year haven’t popped.  I’m sure all of the wind and rain we’ve had have a lot to do with that…  Our afternoon was  similar to the morning bite, but minnows definitely out performed lures.  Water temps ranged from 68 – 72 degrees.  Action was steady and included a monster 21″ fish landed by Grace.  Perfect weather, great company, and great fishing.  Life is good!  Thanks for really nice day Demings, and congratulations on some great fish.  Did we ever decide who caught more???  Every day should be like this…






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