Chequamegon Bay & Hayward, Wisconsin Fishing Report 4-18-16

I was hoping and intended to have a Lake Superior trolling report for you this week, but no such luck.  Strong NE winds on the big lake shut that whole idea down.  Instead I spent the weekend preparing gear and getting organized for the season.  Believe me…  I’d rather have been fishing!   Warm temps have completely opened up all of the lakes in northern Wisconsin, and I expect we’ll have plenty of inland panfish along with Lake Superior trout and salmon information in the near future.


Aron Kastern

Thankfully, Aron Kastern has been keeping us up to speed on the steelhead run as well as some other overlooked opportunities on Chequamegon Bay.  Aron reports that conditions on the streams are improving daily with steelhead action increasing in the afternoons as water temperatures warm.  He expects this to only get better with the warm weather we had this weekend and the best fishing yet to come.  Yarn and spawn bags are working best as well as bead headed nymphs and stone flies.  It’s hard to argue that those aren’t some of the beautiful fish swimming!


IMG_3414The smelt run is in full swing around the Ashland, WI region also.  Aron reported good numbers being pulled throughout the weekend.  Warm nights and no ice made ideal conditions for this longstanding Great Lakes tradition.  If you’ve never experienced it, I’d definitely recommend adding it to your list.  Campfires, good friends, and good times!  When smelt start pouring into the shallows, it brings along a migration of big fish as well.  Aron, his wife Lacey, and their son Boone know exactly what this means.  They also know how to take advantage of it.  The Kastern crew boated some really cool and crazy looking fish.  Big eelpout (burbot) and sturgeon are on the feed and accessible this time of year.  What they lack in looks is made up for with strength and attitude.  Aron has been after me to get after this bite with him, and I need make it a priority.  It sure looks like fun, and I’m pretty sure little Boone is a guide in the making.  Awesome fish, and a great looking fishing family!!!


Lacey & Boone Kastern














Jason Evans & Ryan Buisman

As I traveled across Wisconsin last week, I couldn’t help but notice strutting tom turkeys seemed to be everywhere.  Admittedly I’m not a turkey hunter, but it’s always a cool sight to see.  My brother Jason is an avid turkey stalker however, and he hooked up with his good buddy Ryan Buisman to take this 20 lb. bird with a 10″ beard during the WI opener.  My brother’s run continues as I can’t remember the last time he hasn’t filled his tag on a big gobbler.  Nice work gentlemen!

So…  My boat and gear are ready.  No more excuses.  Time to get after it!!!



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