Hayward, Wisconsin Ice Fishing Report 1-4-16


Mike Brown

Happy New Year everyone!  As 2016 begins we’re finally getting some decent ice conditions setting up on our inland lakes.  Decent, not great, but we’ll take it!  Closer to normal temps are tightening things up on smaller lakes, and hopefully larger lakes are not far behind.  Vigilance and caution should still be used when heading out, but there are plenty of opportunities for those willing to walk on the lakes.  Foot travel is my only recommendation at this time, and I heard of a guy putting his vehicle through in the Brainerd Lakes Area in Minnesota.  Not worth it gang!  Lace up the boots and get some exercise!!!  Josh Teigen sent these pictures from an afternoon/evening trip with his buddies John Darwin from Iron River, WI and Mike Brown from Dallas, TX.  The walleye & pike bite was on as they caught everything on tip ups and shiners in anywhere from 5′ – 27′ of water.  Talk about spread out!  Josh reported 3″ – 4″ of ice with some slush.  Nice work gang!



John Darwin













Allison Dietz

Aron Kastern sent these photos as well from a couple of trips he had.  He’s still on that very cool brook trout bite that we reported on last week, and the panfish/pike bite continues to produce.  Aron still stresses thoroughly checking the lakes before venturing out as a couple of small lakes he fished still only had 2″ – 3″ of ice.  Those are some really good looking gills!!!  Tune into Fox Sports North (FOXN) in the coming weeks at 10 a.m. CST on Sundays for the Trophy Fish Hunter.  The first show aired in most parts of the country yesterday, but the original airing for northern WI/MN will be Thursday, 1/7/16 at 9 p.m CST.  After that back to Sunday mornings in all areas.  We’ll be making several appearances on the show through the winter months.  Big thanks to Dave Brown, Mike Keyes, and Rick Quade for putting it all together.  It was a blast and will be fun to watch the results!  Now…  Let’s just hope for one more Packer/Viking rematch!!!


Paul Lucas

Paul Lucas










Brian Holmstrom

Brian Holmstrom

Jake Holmstrom

Jake Holmstrom









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    Go Vikes!!

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