Hayward, Wisconsin Fishing Report 9-4-15


Dustin Hoffler & Pat Fair

Sunshine and warm temps have continued this week.  With the exception of one rainy morning, we’ve had some very pleasant days on the water.  The bite has been a bit challenging, but a little persistence and flexibility has kept us on fish.  I had a great crew out of Angler’s Haven for two days this week, and I always look forward to their arrival.  Dustin Hoffler (Nora Springs, IA) and Pat Fair (Riceville, IA) were first in my boat on Tuesday morning.  We tried working deep water for walleyes to start, but we didn’t have a sniff.  After bouncing around to a few different spots we found a good school of active smallmouth in 15′ – 20′.  Dustin and Pat did an excellent job with Dustin putting a fat 20 1/5″ fish in the net, and Pat added a nice 18″ bonus walleye.  All fish were caught on minnows.  After lunch, Jason Dodd (Manly, IA) joined Dustin.  We struggled early in the afternoon to put anything together, but eventually found some active fish along weed edges in 15′ – 18′ of water on jigs and lewis2minnows.  It was the “Jason Show” in the afternoon, and he put some good smallies in the boat as well as a porky 18″ largemouth.  Water temps climbed back to 70 degrees in the afternoon, and this day was a good example of what you need to do to put fish in the boat right now.  Don’t get stuck on one spot or one presentation.  Use your electronics to find fish, and keep moving until you find some that will bite.  Excellent job fellas.  Always a pleasure!!!


Jason Dodd











Danny & Michael Knudsen

I had to cancel one day last year due to lightning.  What are the chances that the same group would have the same luck two years in a row???  When I heard the thunder booming early Wednesday morning, I couldn’t believe it…  Brothers Danny (Fort Worth, TX) and Michael (Washington D.C.) Knudsen met me at the landing for a little Deja vu.  This time we made it happen however as the thunderstorms moved around us, and we were able to squeeze a morning trip in.  The change in weather did us some good as well.  We immediately got into a good bunch of smallies on minnows in 17′ rocks.  Danny and Michael put a hurting on them and landed several good fish up to 20″.  After the bite slowed we checked out a few more spots before finding some hungry walleyes up to 18″ and a few more smallies along weed edges in 17′ – 18′.  Even though we got a little wet, it was a good end to a good morning.  Water temps held around 70 degrees.  Despite the fact that these guys are both TCU grads who broke our Badgers hearts in the 2011 Rose Bowl, I was knudsen4happy they were able to get out with me and catch some really nice fish.  All is forgiven guys.  Good Luck Horned Frogs!









Dan Linahon

We were back with the crew from Iowa staying at Angler’s Haven on Thursday.  This time we went on a crappie adventure with Dan Linahon and Bob Bice from Mason City, IA joining me for the morning shift.  We had a tough time locating fish but ended up putting some nice slabs in the boat up to 12″ in 20′ – 22′ of water on plastics.  It was a slow bite however, and we decided to try some different water in the afternoon with hopes of more consistent action.  Mike Jensen from Thornton, IA switched out with Dan, and the move proved to be worth the effort.  We found a pile of fish in 22′ – 27′ of water.  The size was a bit smaller than our first lake, but the bite was steady as we caught plenty for the crew to have a good fish fry.  We’d locate schools of fish on our electronics and use jigs and plastics to catch them near bottom until the bite would slow.  We’d then move on the the next school and continued that pattern throughout the afternoon.  Water temps hit 72 degrees by the end of the day with high skies and air temps hitting the mid 80’s.  Once again, it was a super fun day with a great group of guys.  If we could only get Bob to quit talking so much…  Thanks again fellas, and eat well my friends!!!


Bob Bice


Mike Jensen








Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone.  Be safe, and have fun!!!



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