Chequamegon Bay & Hayward, Wisconsin Fishing Report 6-15-15


Matt & Mark Timmer

We’re in a good kind of groove right now with lots of things coming together, and it was an excellent weekend to be fishing no matter what you were after.  Mark Timmer from Elk River, MN brought along his nephew Matt Timmer from Elk Grove, CA to chase Chequamegon Bay smallies on Friday.  We had sunny skies and south winds.  It’s finally starting to feel like summer…  The post spawn feed is definitely on, and the Timmer boys put a whooping on them with a big numbers day of fish up to 20″.  We had steady action from start to finish on a variety of plastics with several fish crushing topwaters as well.  We fished 5′ – 6′ of water and focused on new emerging weed patches that were holding schools of active fish.  Water timmer2temps hit 71 degrees in the afternoon on a great day in every sense.  Mark and Matt were a hoot to have in the boat, and they gave the fish one heck of an education.  Way to go boys!!!





Cameron Hensel & Ashlee Nesbitt

Ashlee Nesbitt (Wausau, WI) bought her fiancee Cameron Hensel (Wausau, WI) a trip with us for Christmas.  It was their first guided fishing trip, and the fish cooperated even though the weather didn’t.  We spent Saturday in the Hayward Lakes Area focusing on walleyes and had a nice surprise.  A gang of smallies moved into our walleye spots to liven things up a bit.  We spent a rainy Saturday catching a mixed bag of walleyes up to 23″ and smallmouth up to 18″ on leeches and minnows in 15′ – 18′ of water.  Our recent bug hatches have pushed a bunch of post spawn smallmouth into deeper weedlines, and they’re mixed right in with the walleyes.  We had a blast with steady action throughout the day and numerous doubles that included a great walleye/smallmouth slam!  Waterhensel1 temps held around 65 degrees on a soggy but stellar day.  Ashlee and Cameron did an awesome job with Ashlee landing the big walleye of the day.  You’ve definitely got a keeper Cameron!!!  Thanks for the great day guys!




Mylo & Corey Gustafson

We were back on The Bay Sunday chasing smallmouth with Mylo Gustafson (Maple Grove, MN) and his son Corey Gustafson (St. Paul, MN).  The Gustafsons put together the best numbers morning we’ve had all season, and they absolutely clobbered them.  It was fish after fish, double after double, as we had aggressive schools of fish chasing minnows all around us.  The water was flat calm with constant boils and fish jumping everywhere.  It was “one of those mornings” in a very good way!  Wish they could always be like that…  We used a variety of plastics and topwaters to catch fish up to 20″ in 5′ – 6′ of water with temps reaching 71 degrees on a perfect early summer day.  Mylo and Corey had to cut the day short and leave early in the afternoon to gustafson3head home.  Their timing was perfect.  NW winds kicked up, and the bite slowed considerably.  After the morning they had, those fish deserved a break!  Thanks for a spectacular day men.  Looking forward to next year!!!


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