Hayward, Wisconsin Fishing Report 6-11-15


Dan & Jim Martin

Welcome back walleyes!!!  After focusing on smallmouth for the past couple of weeks, we had the opportunity to get back after the walleyes in the Hayward Lakes Area.  Long time friend Dan Martin from Maple Grove, MN brought his father Jim from Ham Lake, MN to experience his first fishing trip in the land of cheese.  Our initial stop on Monday proved to be a bit frustrating.  We were on a stained water lake and pitched jigs into new weeds in 6′ – 8′ of water.  Jim had a musky break him off on the first cast, and that was probably our sign…  We struggled for a couple of hours missing many fish on short bites and only landing one walleye.  You don’t have to tell me twice!  On to the next lake.  Our move payed off, and we had a good afternoon fishing deep weedlines that are starting to emerge in 15′ of water.  Slip bobbers and leeches caught a few fish, but jigs and minnows produced the biggest with fish up to 20″.  Water temps ranged from 63 – 65 degrees on a warm and windy afternoon with t-storms rolling through around us.  We also noticed a big time mayfly hatch had occured which pushed lotsmartin1 of fish of all sizes to the surface.  We had a ball watching fish breaking after schools of minnows while the walleyes kept us busy.  Our move had definitely saved the day, and we were excited to see what tomorrow would bring.  Did anyone notice the red sun and hazy skies caused by the fires in Canada?  Crazy…

martin5Day #2 of my trip with the Martin boys presented temps into the high 80’s, very little wind, and bugs all over the water.  Not exactly what I’m thinking would be a productive walleye day…  We had to give it a shot however, and we ended up putting a pretty good morning together despite the conditions.  A late morning flurry of activity gave us some hope for the afternoon bite, and the fish were on schedule.  We lit them up in the afternoon on slip bobbers and leeches over weeds in 15′ of water.  Jim and Dan put a pile of nice walleyes up to 18″ in the boat, and it was blast watching this father and son team bag a great limit of fish to take home.  Water temps warmed to 67  degrees on the hottest day we’ve had so far this year.  With the conditions we had, there’s no way I would’ve guessed that we’d catch the number of fish we did.  Just when you think you know something, the fish remind you that Mother Nature is in charge!  What an martin6awesome performance by Dan and Jim.  You guys were fantastic!  See you in August Danno!!!






Megan Robinson

The Robinson Family from Veedersburg, IN spent the week in Hayward, and I was fortunate enough to get them in the boat with me on Wednesday.  The morning shift included Megan along with her parents Jim and Sandy.  We couldn’t have started out any hotter as Jim put a 17″ walleye in the net before I even had a chance to pick up the second rod.  Megan followed with a fat 18″ fish soon after, and I was sure we were in for a bang up day as we fished slip bobbers and leeches along with jigs and minnows in 15′ of water.  We put a few more fish up to 20″ in the boat over the next 2 hours, but the bite came to a complete stop by mid morning.  We decided to switch over to smallies, and Megan was able to land a couple of brutes up to 19″ before she had to hit the road back to Indiana at noon.  Her brother Mitchell and Tyla Neibert traded places in the afternoon, and we stayed with the bass bite.  The gang kept busy catching many nice fish up to 20′ on jigs and plastics in 2′ – 5′ of water.  Water temps hit 66 degrees on another warm day with stiff NW winds.  Jim, Mitchell, and Tyla worked ’em over and put an impressive number of nice fish int he boat.  There are still plenty of spawning fish, but many have moved off of their nests as well.  Top waters could be a good robinson7producer on inland lakes over the next few weeks, and I’d suggest giving it a shot for a few minutes when your out.  They’ll let you know if there interested, and it’s one of the most exciting bites we get into all year.  Thanks to the Robinson gang for an excellent day, and congratulations on some great fish.  You guys were awesme, and I’m looking forward to seeing you in October!


Mitchell Robinson, Jim Robinson, & Tyla Neibert


Geralyn “The Walleye Queen” Miller


Greg Miller

Thursday was Miller time!!!  My good friend Greg Miller from The Hunt and his family spend their annual vacation in the Hayward Area, and we always spend a day together laughing, telling stories, and catching a few fish.  It’s really not fair though…  Geralyn has was anointed the “Walleye Queen” many years ago, and the Queen had her day once again.  Why am I not surprised???  A major bug hatch had the fish in a stubborn mood, but a little patience paid off as we parked on a school of fish that Greg had located earlier in the week.  Slip bobbers and leeches produced fish up to 18″ in 12′ – 15′ of  water, and Geralyn once again dominated the day.  I’m not even sure why Greg and I tag along…  Water temps held around 65 degrees on a cloudy day with rain threatening, be we were fortunate to stay dry.  As always, it was an outstanding day with two good friends.  I’ve always wondered if Geralyn had a higher power on her side, and now I’m convinced.  It’s just not fair!!!  Thanks to the Millers for another great trip, and I’m already looking forward to seeing you in July.  There’s your warning walleyes…  Have a great weekend everyone!!!




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  1. James Robinson on June 12, 2015 at 8:53 am

    Just want to thank you again for such an awesome day of fishing! My family had great time. I know Megan was glad to get the chance to visit with you agin. What better way than catching some nice fish!
    Thanks James

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