Chequamegon Bay & Hayward, Wisconsin Ice Fishing Report 2-4-15

IMG_0792Typical winter conditions have moved back into northern Wisconsin, but it certainly doesn’t seem to have slowed the bite down one bit.  Aron Kastern reports a really hot whitefish bite around the Apostle Islands with some big numbers days and non stop action.  A few eater lakers mixed in are an added bonus and definitely keeps the day interesting.  Aron had a huge trip while filming with Tom Gruenwald from HT Enterprises as they iced over 80 whitefish.  Now that’s a busy day!!!  The bite has been in anywhere from 50′ to 100′ while using light action rods spooled with 10 – 15 lb. test braid.  Large pimples and spoons in silver and gold tipped with pieces of shiners or plastics have been the 20150131_LeeWinters (450 x 600)baits of choice, and fish are averaging 2 – 3 lbs. with a few larger ones mixed in as well.  As you can see, there’s also some big lakers being caught including a 42″ slob landed by Lee Winters.  Congratulations on one heck of a trophy Lee!  Man, what a fish…IMG_0788

Aron reports smooth travel with both ATV’s and snowmobiles and 12″ to 18″ of ice in most areas he’s targeting.  Pictures also include CJ Compton and Brad Joanis with their limit of whitefish as well as Paul Wise and Jay Stherer along with Aron and a nice mess of fish to take IMG_0787home.  Great report Aron, and great work once again by you and your crew.  Keep it rolling!!! IMG_0793










t1Josh Teigen had a similar experience last week with steady action on a mixed bag of fish around the Apostle Islands and inland as well.  Josh spent a full day with Jason, Allen, and Keith on the big lake, and they caught whitefish up to 20″, lakers up to 19″, browns up to 25″, and a few undersized splake.  Those big browns are so cool looking!  It’s gonna be fun when all of these undersized splake grow upa bit!  I bumped into a few this fall as well, and the future certainly looks bright.  Back to Josh…  The t4mixed bag came in 25′ – 45′ of water on tip ups with shiners as well as jigging Kastmasters and blade baits.  Nice work fellas!




Tony, Tom, Tracy, and Jeff joined Josh for a half day on Lake Superior and a half day inland.  Again, they got into some undersized splake as well as herring and a very respectable 32″ laker.  Any laker over 30″ is a special fish, and that one is certainly no slouch.  Nicely done!  Josh stuck with the same pattern that’s been working for him fishing 25′ – 50′ of water jigging Kastmasters and blade baits.  With part one of the trip t3in the books, it was time to head inland where the boys found walleyes up to 19″, along with a bass and pike mixed in.  Tip ups and sucker minnows positioned over deep weeds in 15′ – 25′ did the trick and helped put a bow one heck of a full day.  Josh gets after it…  If you’ve got the ambition, he’ll show you a lot of water and a lot of fish.  A word of caution for everyone…  We obviously have a strong bite around the Apostle Islands right now, and that’s a great thing!  Keep in mind however that it’s a huge area with plenty of hazards.  No ice should be considered safe, and please check as you go.  If you’re not familiar with the area and are thinking about a trip, please find someone who’s experienced to take you or at least get you going in the right direction.  Come up and enjoy this wonderful place and all of the wonderful fish, but please be safe!!!

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