Hayward, Wisconsin Fishing Report 6-19-14

oman13Man…  This has been one heck of a week!!!  Our inland lakes are on fire.  If your serious about walleyes and smallmouth, this is your time!  We started off the week with two cool kids from Amery, WI.  Cousins Tommy Oman (age 14) and Jake (age 11) from Amery, WI were given a day with me on the water as a Christmas gift, and I couldn’t have been more honored to share it with these two dudes.  They both have a passion for fishing that reminds me of myself all those years ago.  What a treat to watch two up and comers spend the day catching some of the largest fish of their young fishing careers!  The day started a bit slow as we were coming off a nasty weather system oman8from the day before.  The walleyes were not in the feeding mood, so we switched over to smallies and nailed a bunch of fish on jerkbaits in 3′ to 6′ of water.  After an action packed morning, the guys were ready to give walleyes another stab, and their patience was rewarded with a limit of fish that included several fish up to 19.5″.  We fished leeches under slip bobbers in 15′ of water over weeds.  Water temps for the day started at 60 degrees and climbed to 65 by the time we were done.  We finished the day with Tommy catching a 20.5″ smallmouth at the buzzer.  It was his personal best and a great way to end a great day.  Thanks for the incredible trip guys.  That’s one I’ll never forget!


evans6Last year, I introduced you to a young man by the name of Wyatt Evans from Mineral Pt., WI.  12 yr old Wyatt and his father Scott returned on Tuesday, and I was even more impressed than last year with this team.  Unfortunately I can’t claim that we’re related, but I’d like to think that this kid’s fishing abilities have something to do with the last name!  We had flat water, high suns, and a mayfly hatch to start the day.  Not exactly a recipe for success!  Thankfully, the fish didn’t get the memo…  We caught walleyes up to 18″ throughout the morning on leeches and slip bobbers over weeds in 16′ of water.  We also picked up a few on jigs and minnows which was interesting.  In fact, the jig and minnow combination seemed to be outproducing the leeches by the evans10time we wrapped up the morning.  Our afternoon was focused on smallies, and we started slow with lots of follows and short hits.  After making a quick move to a change of scenery, we located hungry smallmouths in 3′ to 5′ of water that chased everything from plastics to topwaters to jerkbaits.  Our largest on the afternoon ended up being a nice 19″ landed by Scott at the end of the day.  We also watched a male and female smallmouth spawn, which completely puzzled me.  The majority of fish are in a post spawn pattern, but apparently these two fish had their own agenda!  Here’s hoping it was successful!!!


toycen9Dan Toycen and his son Craig from Chippewa Falls, WI returned on Wednesday to claim revenge from a tough musky fishing  trip we shared two years ago.  After the day we had, I’d say the boys from Bloomer Ford  are back on the right side of things.  Our focus was walleyes all day long, and boy did we hammer em!  We started out hot with Craig catching one on his first cast, and the trend continued until we were done.  Once again, slip bobbers and leeches over weeds in 16′ – 18′ of water were the key early on, but jigs and minnows ended up producing more and larger fish by the end of the day.  I’m not sure why, but I won’t question the fish.  They want what they want!  Dan and Craig did an awesome job of learning some new techniques, and toycen6we shared a bunch of laughs.  Dan caught his personal best, a fat 22″ fish, and we had a lot of fish from 17′ to 20″.  Water temps ranged from 62 – 68 degrees.  It was a fantastic day spent with fantastic guys.  I only have one complaint…  Dan needs to get some new sunglasses!!!


rossing6Lance Rossing, and Chad Berget from Argyle, WI shared a tough day of walleye fishing with me last fall.  These are two great guys with great attitudes, and they completely deserve the day they had on Thursday.  Walleyes were on their agenda again, and we were able to clean the slate from last year.  They pounded fish all morning long up to 22″ over weeds in 15′ – 17′ on slip bobbers and leeches as well as jigs and minnows.  The jig and minnow thing is still happening.  I’m not sue why, but I like it!  Lance caught his personal best walleye with a stout 22″ fish that gave him all he could handle.  Even though we had to duck in and out of strorms, we had an incredible morning.  With their walleye bone satisfied, Lance and Chad decided to chase rossing11smallies in the afternoon.  After dialing in our baits and presentations we were able to put together one heck of a performance with fish up to 20″  Again, Lance landed his personal best.  I’m thinking a lottery ticket may not be a bad idea…  Our smallies were all caught in 4′ – 6′ of water over rocks with plastics and jerkbaits.    Water temps ranged from 65 to 67 degrees.  Thanks to Lance and Chad for all of the laughs and all of the fish.  That was one heck of a day.  I can’t wait to do it again!




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