Hayward, Wisconsin Fishing Report 10-20-13

Snow is accumulating in my yard as I write this.  Seriously…

sara1Doug Kelley from Cedar Rapids, IA brought his daughter Emma along on a trip in July and returned on Friday with his wife Sara to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.  Doug and Sara’s trip presented extremely different weather conditions from their summer visit, and we spent the first part of our day waiting for the pouring rain to clear before we started.  Once we were able to get on the water, we found cooperative smallies in 15′ to 16′ of water, and they were big.  Doug and Sara landed fish up to 21″ on jig and minnow combinations as well as lindy rigs.  Having located an active school of big fish, we broke for lunch with the promise of a big afternoon on the horizon.  Unfortunately, fate would deal us a tough blow.  Motor issues forced an early end to an extremely fun day with awesome people.  Despite the unfortunate circumstances that ended our day, it was a very memorable outing with a great couple and some awesome fish.  Water temps. ranged from 53 to 54 on a cool and damp day with north winds.  Thanks to Doug and Sara for your great company and understanding.  I’ll make it up to you!!!doug2

Off to Hayward Power Sports…  Thanks to Damon, Archie, and the whole gang for taking care of me once again.  I can’t thank you enough!  After an eventful afternoon, we were fixed up and ready to roll!!!



Fishing can be humbling at times, but Saturday’s trip provided a dose of reality for different reasons.  Chris Diesing from the Wounded Warriors In Action organization set up a trip with Dave Brown and I for 3 heroes that served our country in combat.  It was a day I’ll never forget, and I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunity.  Dave took Chris and Army veteran Corey Nixon from Topeka, KS on a musky hunt, and they connected with a nice 38″ fish caught on a sucker.  Corey was in good hands for sure with musky ace Dave putting him on a fish he’ll never forget.


U.S. Marines Brandon Johnson from Gurley, AL and Josh Krueger from Hubertus, WI chose to chase bass with me, and they were kept busy with smallies up to 19″ and largemouth up to 20″ stretching our lines throughout a day full of laughs, stories, and reflection.  Water temps. held steady at 53 degrees as we dealt with rain, sleet, and breezy west winds.  Our fish were caught on jigs with minnows and slip bobber rigs.  The weather was hardly a problem for these incredible individuals to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude.  I  don’t have the words to express what it was like to share the day with Josh and Brandon, and I’m extremely appreciative to have had the opportunity.  Thanks to Chris, Dave, Flying Eagle Resort, Scenic Drive Resort, and The Delta Diner for putting together a great few days for some outstanding guys that deserve more than we can give.










Good buddies Jon Schlussler from St. Paul, MN and Steve Leach from Maplewood, MN arrived along with the first snowflakes of the year.  I had hoped our late spring would result in an extended fall.  No such luck…  Jon and Steve weren’t scared however, and they were rewarded with a day full of big fish.  Smallies up to 21″ were landed on live bait rigs, jigs, and slip bobbers.  We started out catching fish in 17′ of water.  As the day wore on and the weather got nastier, the fished pushed much shallower than I would have expected.  Rain, sleet, and snow fell throughout the day, and I have to give Jon and Steve credit for hanging in there through some tough conditions.  Water temps. fell from 53 to 52 degrees by the end of the day.  Snow falling and steam rising from the water created quite a background.  We caught fish as shallow as 10′ right in the weeds, and the average size was aweswome.  Every one landed was fat, happy, and ready for winter.  I can’t say as much for the guide however.  I’m definitely not ready for winter…  Thanks guys for a great day, and great memories. jon5



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