Hayward, Wisconsin Fishing Report 10-16-13

nate7When Nate Berg from Babe Winkelman Productions rolls into town, it usually spells trouble for the local fish.  Nate spends most of his year working in a boat or in a tree stand, and guess what he likes to do on his days off???  His trip with me in July left him wanting more, and he spent Monday and Tuesday terrorizing our lakes in his home state.  He put on a clinic Monday as we put smallies up to 21″ and walleyes up to 24″ in the boat throughout a day that produced many big fish.  It was a typical fall outing, and every fish we boated was as fat as could be at full winter weight.  Nate lindy rigged large sucker minnows, and I used jig and minnow combinations as we fished rock and weeds in anywhere from 19′ to 14′ of water.  I have to admit that Nate’s rig out produced my jig, but that’s only because I was too busy netting his fish.  He’d have another one on before I could even get the net stowed and toss my line back in the water.  That’s my story anyway, and I’m sticking to it!!!  Water temps are dropping as read 56 to 58 degrees depending on the area of the lake we were in.  What a day!


The monsoons rolled in on Tuesday, and I tricked Nate into musky fishing.  You can’t blame him though.  He was riding high from the day before, and I took advantage with his guard down.  It was a down right miserable day with pouring rain and northeast winds.  We returned to the landing beaten, battered, and soaked with a pike and a largemouth to show for our efforts.  Water temps were 56 to 57 degrees.  This musky curse I have going is getting ridiculous.  Wrong lake, wrong day, wrong bait, who knows???  I do know this…  When we break this streak, you’re all going to know about it!!  Thanks for another great trip Nate.  It’s always a blast!

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  1. Nate Berg on October 19, 2013 at 11:02 pm

    Jeff, once again I had a great time ripping lips with you. Thank you so very much for the fantastic smallie and wallleye fishing. I was questioning why I headed your way with the way the fish were biting in Brainerd, but I think it was safe to say it was the right choice.

    Looking forward to the next time!

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