Hayward, Wisconsin Fishing Report 9-5-13

jullie1We wrapped up our summer with a great couple of days on the water and awesome folks in the boat.  Labor Day morning was spent with Paul and Jullie Geen from Madison, WI.  Paul traveled to Hayward specifically to catch the first walleye of his life, and he’s glad he made the trip.  I was a bit skeptical when we began as we were faced with a cold front that included stiff north winds and rain.  My doubts were quickly relieved as we had action almost instantly.  Paul and Julie caught walleyes up to 17″ throughout the morning on crawler harnesses pulled along 15′ weedlines.  Water temperatures held at 71 degrees throughout the morning.  With a couple of pike and a bunch of nice gills added to the mix, we kept busy.  Now that walleyes are crossed off his list, what’s next for Paul???paul1

dan1After I sent Paul and Jullie on their way with their fillets, Dan Uniejewski and his wife Souraya from Nashville, TN joined me for an almost perfect afternoon trip.  The skies cleared, the wind laid down, and the weather couldn’t have been any nicer.  Predictably the bite slowed with the weather switch, but we were able to catch some nice walleyes up to 19″ on crawlers in the weeds as well as smallies up to 18″ on sucker minnows over rock structure in 20′ of water.  Water temps rose to 73 degrees by the time we were done.  Dan is a good fisherman who has been fishing the Hayward Lakes Area for many years, and he wanted to spend his afternoon learning as much as he could about a new body of water so we covered several spots in a short period of time.  It was a very pleasant afternoon with great company and a few nice fish to top off an excellent day.dan2

danl1Dan Linahon and Denny Behr traveled north from Iowa for a little R & R at Angler’s Haven and spent Wednesday on the water with me.  We started the day with cloudy skies and a cool north wind.  Action was pretty steady for the first two hours with walleyes hitting crawlers along the 15′ weed edges.  As the skies cleared, the walleye bite slowed, and we switched to smallies catching some dandy fish up to 19″ on rocky structure in 13′ to 19′ of water.  With flat seas and high skies in the afternoon, fish were spread out however and a bit skittish.  We would catch one or two on a spot and the school would quickly scatter.  We decided to sell out on walleyes for the last two hours of the day to see if we could round out their limit, and the boys produced.  We ended the day catching some nice fish up to 20″, again on crawlers in the weeds.  Dan and Denny did an awesome job, and it was a great way to end an extremely fun day.  Thanks to Greg, Tim, Kent, Dan, and Denny for a great time.  Denny…  Please relax!!!


I have a few days off scheduled to take care of some business around the house, and then the fall frenzy begins.  I can’t wait!!!  More reports will be on the way.

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  1. Jim & Sarah Oyen on September 5, 2013 at 8:18 pm

    I’m liking all those gold fish and where I’m guessing you caught them. It’s hard to beat 4 species of fish in the same day. Keep it simple! Tell the Morganator to keep sending the nice pictures. I hope school is treating her well.

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