St. Louis River, Wisconsin Fishing Report

scott3Scott Roppe from Birchwood, WI has been fishing with me for 15 years with many successful days and great memories in the books.  Today was no exception!  Our initial plan was to spend a full day on the St. Louis River, but the a.m. forecast was calling for heavy fog so we spent the morning on an inland lake casting for muskies.  Sometimes you have to be flexible when dealing with the “Big Lake”.  Without moving a fish all morning, we pulled the pin at noon and headed to the harbor.  That was the best move we made all day.  We found walleyes right away in 6′ to 7′ of water, and they bit consistently throughout the afternoon as we trolled crankbaits.  We did need to do a little fine tuning of our lure selection as size and color seemed to make a substantial difference.  We also stumbled into a few bonus “Magnum” crappies mixed in with the walleyes which I found interesting considering the size of the baits and speed we were moving.  They must be hungry!  The walleyes ranged from 14″ to 22″, and we lost a few good fish at boatside before we could get a net under them.  Water temps ranged from 70 to 71 degrees on a beautiful August afternoon.  Thanks to Scott for another great trip, and I look forward to seeing the entire Roppe gang at deer camp!



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