Hayward, Wisconsin Fishing Report 7-14-13

bd12This may not have been a big weekend by fishing catching standards, but it topped the charts in every other category!  Where do I begin?…

bd10On Saturday, We celebrated my wife LeeAnn’s 40th birthday.  She’ll be mad that I gave up her age, but I think you’ll all agree that she looks great!  Longtime friends from Ashland, the Lunds, joined us on the lake for our usual celebration complete with a stop at Angler’s Haven for pizza, black labs, and a monster chocolate brownie sundae for dessert.  What LeeAnn didn’t know however is that a bunch of our great freinds and family had gathered for a surprise party at a cabin on the lake later in the day.  We pulled it off without a hitch, and she was surprised to say the least!  Thank you to everyone for being part of such a special day!  Now I must be honest…  Even though I didn’t touch a fishing rod all day, I did mark a few way points on my gps that will be paid a visit at a later date!bd8





Along with the birthday festivities, the Evans gang from Indianapolis arrived for their annual vacation on the lake.  We wrapped up the weekend by taking Luke, Mary, and Abby out for an evening of catching whatever would bite.  As you can see, we had some satisfied customers.  They cranked in smallmouth, largemouth, and bluegills as fast as they could get the line in the water.  There was an A&W root beer float on the line for the biggest fish, but I’m not going to step into the middle of that argument.  You can be the judge!


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