Hayward, Wisconsin Fishing Report 6-18-13

olearycrappie2The O’Leary gang from Evanston, IL rolled into town this week looking to improve on last year’s catch of magnum bluegills.  Well, they have now expanded their list of species caught to include crappies, smallmouth, largemouth, and northern pike.  Jack (5 years old) is the self proclaimed “Bass Master”, and Charlie (4 years old) is the self proclaimed “Bluegill Master”.  I couldn’t be prouder of my two nephews and their father Joe.  We had a very cool day with cloudy skies and northeast winds.  Water temps dropped into the mid 60’s.  We caught our fish on slip bobbers with plastic jigs as well as jig and leech combinations.  A stop at the A&W in Iron River topped off a great day.  The walleyes and muskies should be nervous when these boys come to town next year!olearysmallmouth

don1On Tuesday, I guided Tim Beras, Don Green, and Jeff Green from the Twin Cities.  We had high skies with light southeast winds.  The day started with an interesting twist.  On Jeff”s first cast, he had big pike grab a walleye he was reeling in.  We made an attempt to catch the pike  without success.  After struggling to get another bite for awhile, we moved to a new location and put several nice walleyes in the boat up to 22″.  All fish were caught on slip bobbers and leeches in 12′ to 13′ of water.  In the afternoon the wind laid down, and the bite got tough. We managed a few more walleyes, but it was one fish per spot.  We had a very cool experience late in the afternoon however when the surface went completely flat, and we could see down into 15′ of water.  We watched hundreds if not thousands of perch being chased by walleyes and the largest musky I have seen to date.  I don’t want to put a number on him as I fear it wouldn’t do him justice.  I guarantee that we will be paying him a visit later in the season though.  He was absolutely huge and completely awesome.   What a neat experience!  We finished the day with the entire crew landing a nice smallmouth, completing an excellent day on the water.  There are still smallies on beds, but it appears that the spawn is winding down.  Water temps reached 67 degrees by late afternoon.  Great job Tim, Don, and Jeff!jeff2tim1

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  1. Cory McClure on June 19, 2013 at 5:07 pm

    Cool story about seeing the aquarium below your feet. Neat to witness what actually goes on.

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