Hayward Wisconsin Fishing Report 5-19-13

mueller3 (1080 x 810)Crappies were the species of choice for the gang from Sister Bay on Saturday, and they were greeted with pouring rain and east winds.  This was the fishing trip they had waited all year for!  After a late start, we caught a few crappies in the morning.  Sizes ranged anywhere from 4″ to 11″.  Although the little ones can be a pain, it was good to see several different year classes.  The afternoon brought clear skies, light winds, and warm temperatures that were more than welcome.  As the water temps rose to 57 degrees, the crappies turned on throughout the day.  The last two hours were gangbusters, and we were catching fish on nearly every cast.  Fish were holding about two feet below the surface in six feet of water and caught on plastic tubes below a slip bobber.  After enough were in the livewell for a fish fry, we packed it in and prepared for smallmouth fishing on Sunday.mueller4 (1080 x 810)

mueller2 (810 x 1080)Sunday arrived with warm and muggy conditions that felt more like August than May.  Although the bite was tough, we landed some incredible fish from 19 to 21 inches.  Water temperatures ranged from 46 to 54 degrees, and it was obvious that the smallmouth still have some time to go before spawning.  We worked suspending jerk-baits and dragged tube jigs in five to ten feet of water throughout the day.  Strikes were few and far between, but we were able to land some TANKS.  Scott also caught a bonus 25″ walleye that was obviously still in spawning mode.  There were a few lazy follows on our jerk-baits as we worked the shoreline breaks, and the fish we caught were bulging with spawn.  Once water temperatures begin to hold consistently in the mid 50’s we’ll see more smallies move shallow, and action should improve each day moving forward.  I have a lot of smallmouth trips scheduled in the next two weeks, and I’ll keep you posted on how the bite progresses.mueller1 (810 x 1080)

Special thanks to Scott, Mike, Matt, and Leif for another memorable trip.  Terry and I will wear our “Wisconsin Crappie Fishing” shirts with pride, and we are already looking forward to next year.  You guys are awesome!

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