St. Louis River-Superior Harbor Fishing Report 4-29-13

I know everyone is anxious to see how fishing in the St. Louis River and Superior Harbor will recover after the flooding from last June.  According to an article in the Duluth News Tribune, we will need to be thinking about more than just where the fish will be.  It sounds like there have been some major changes to the main channel upstream from Spirit Lake, and the Coast Guard will not be replacing navigational buoys in this area.  Apparently discussions currently taking place regarding the dredging of the channel, but for the near future anglers will be left to their own devices for navigation.  Go easy, Keep your eyes open, and be safe out there everyone. 

We have definitely turned the corner with our weather and the melt is on.  I am not very optimistic about our inland lakes being accessible for the Wisconsin opener, but if this warming trend continues I would think the river will be fishable by May 11th.  Ice in the harbor is breaking up and disappearing quickly.  It looks like Old Man Winter is finally leaving us.  Better start prepping your gear.  Opening day will be here before you know it.  Think spring!